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Your application available from any device, at any time.


Customized apps tailored to your company or according to your needs.


All your information backed up in the cloud, available to you or your users.


Your users sharing information in real time, don't wait to finish the day.


Why do you need a Web application?

These are some of the benefits of having a Web App, it can be available to you, in order to obtain the information you need at any time, with the information provided by your work team, with sufficient backup in the cloud and adapted to your needs and with the form you need.


¿What processes have we optimized?

Application completely oriented to enhance the work of the teams sales of each company. You will have:

  • Prospect Registration
  • Online Quotes
  • Sales record
  • Sales History
  • Statistics and Reports

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Tool that will allow you to optimize your times and receive payments in line. This solution is aimed at different sectors:

  • Automotive Workshops
  • Automotive Diagnostic Centers CDA´s
  • Offices
  • Clinics

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Solution that allows you to effectively control the stock of your products, you will have real-time information for decision making.

  • Creation and administration of Products
  • Price Administration
  • Inputs and outputs of goods
  • Alerts stock
  • Statistics and Reports

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Custom Web Development

We are committed to developing a solution that truly benefits your company and your specific needs.

We build robust platforms capable of supporting high concurrency, traffic and operation. Scalable applications.

Our developments can have integrations through API to processes of the existing companies on other platforms, our objectives are to optimize the work and have the best result.

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